I never thought that a Construction Company would ever have a blog page, let alone a General Contractor. But here it is, they are telling me that it's the new in thing.

Burgoyne Construction Ltd.

Now that spring will soon be here. It’s time to concentrate on your summer jobs.

Posted 223 weeks ago

It was another good day to find a bathroom leak and repair the damage. We removed the drywall beside the toilet, replace the rotten studs and bottom plate. Then put all new material back in.

Now we’re waiting for the taper to tape up the corner so we can go back next week and install the baseboard.

Posted 258 weeks ago

It was a good day to lay laminate flooring in a shed. A client of ours wanted us to come and finish a shed for her. So we installed laminate on the floor indoor stop on the walls where are the seams of the OSB were.

Posted 258 weeks ago

This is to let everyone know that Burgoyne Construction ltd is getting an Office & Fax number soon. As soon as I know what these numbers are, I will post them.

Posted 262 weeks ago

Old roof, # dump trailer, #some help, # new roof.

Posted 265 weeks ago

You’ll never guess what I found today ? A whole bunch of rusted nails.

Posted 270 weeks ago

I bought 10 of these $30 gift cards today at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I will be handing them over the summer to random clients, I sure hope you are one of them.

Posted 270 weeks ago

First Soffit repair of this year , some glad that the owner had a piece in the attic because they discontinue this style over 10 years ago.

Posted 271 weeks ago

Cedar Installed

We completed this Cedar in a log home on the stairwell to the basement.

Posted 272 weeks ago

Burgoyne Construction Ltd.  likes to recycle your old Treated Deck.  And that’s the only way it should be done cause you shouldn’t burn treated lumber as it gives off a poisonous gas that could kill you if breathed in.

Posted 272 weeks ago

How it all began !

I am a Journeyman Carpenter, that is because I picked up my first skill saw when I was 14. ( and yes it was a Skill Saw brand, it weight about 20 lbs because it was made of steel not plastic ). My Father was building an addition onto the side of the house, and I was out trying to help. My uncle was there helping my father, and I wanted to cut a piece of 2 x 4. Dad said no , and my uncle nodded to go for it, so I did. From that day on I knew I wanted to be a carpenter just because of the smell of the fresh cut wood.