I never thought that a Construction Company would ever have a blog page, let alone a General Contractor. But here it is, they are telling me that it's the new in thing.

Burgoyne Construction Ltd.

This is so true, I see it every summer.

Posted 261 weeks ago

We also like having fun at work !

Posted 262 weeks ago

It will soon be time to fix up your siding that got damaged over the winter. But until that, check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Burgoyne-Construction-Ltd-290408011641814/

Or our webpage at https://www.burgoyneconstruction.ca

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I was in a bind today, then I remembered that Prat Brothers Lock and Safe was in Spruce Grove, and lo and behold they came through for me.

Their number is 780-960-2969


Also check out out webpage, burgoyneconstruction.ca

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I thought this coffee cup was a gooder.

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A man takes his door to the carpenters shop.

Man: Hey can you fix my front door for me?

Carpenter: Sure, but what about your house, what if a burglar gets in?

Man: Hah! Impossible! How can he get in if I’ve got the door right here.

Posted 263 weeks ago

And this is why you need to hire a Journeyman Carpenter.

Posted 264 weeks ago

Cold Weather !

With the next couple of weeks being colder than -20, it’s a good time to be planning your outside renovations for this summer, and then contacting me when you have your plans in hands.

Posted 264 weeks ago

I joined Tumblr today thanks to Terry @ Celter Technologies out of Spruce Grove. I have linked it to my webpage, so things are coming together real nice now that I have Terry helping me.

Posted 265 weeks ago

How it all began !

I am a Journeyman Carpenter, that is because I picked up my first skill saw when I was 14. ( and yes it was a Skill Saw brand, it weight about 20 lbs because it was made of steel not plastic ). My Father was building an addition onto the side of the house, and I was out trying to help. My uncle was there helping my father, and I wanted to cut a piece of 2 x 4. Dad said no , and my uncle nodded to go for it, so I did. From that day on I knew I wanted to be a carpenter just because of the smell of the fresh cut wood.