Construction Photos of some of the different jobs we take on. 

     We do Soffit and Fascia repairs, along with all kinds of Siding Repair and installs. We Build Decks, Patios and Basement Developments. Rotten wood repair, Mould Removal and repair, Wet Wood Repair, Laminate flooring, insulating walls and ceilings and attics. We pretty much do all kinds of renovation construction from the ground to Asphalt Roofing.

      Seems the last couple of years all we have been getting is calls of houses crying or leaking. And when we get there we find this kind of issues.
     On this house we removed just about all the siding from the end of the house and then started to replace the rotten material and insulation.
      While we were there the homeowner said to replace the window because it also was having issues and a old window to boot.
     So after we replaced the outer wall of all the bad material and put it back together again, we then went inside to repair the drywall and get the wall ready for paint for the homeowner.
     So if your house is crying, call us to come and do a site visit as soon as you can, it's only going to get worse.

     We also do Roofing Repair and install new Asphalt Roofing.
     Here on this job the renter contacted the homeowner and told her that the roof was leaking.
     The homeowner did her research on line and also called the realtor that sold her the house. The Realtor also gave her my name and said that I did good work, so she gave me a call.
     She told me that she lived in the southern part of Alberta and needed a trustworthy company to look after her rental home for her that she could trust.
     So after getting the job and fixing the leak, and fixing the inside damage. The renter told us the she was really happy with all the job process and that it didn't interfere with her schedule.
     The homeowner told us later that it was like she was there helping us, the way we kept her up to date with the process and all the pictures that we texted to her. This was 4 years ago and she now calls us whenever the house needs repairs.